Carthage, TN

Posted By: Marla Romash on 10/22/11

The bridge over the Caney Fork River is still so narrow, you want to suck in your stomach going over it, as though that’ll make your car fit better.  They’re replacing the fence around the Gore Farm – the one that belonged to his parents  -- but otherwise this stretch of Carthage, TN looks about the same as it did almost 20 years ago.  That would be when Bill Clinton called Al Gore asking him to be Vice President.   I was there when the call came in to Al Gore’s farm  – not to be confused with the farm his parents owned down the road.  Let me tell  you,  it was very cool and very exciting.

I was back in Carthage on Saturday to see a dear friend. For all the things that have changed, it’s hard to miss the things that have not, like the beautiful rolling hills, the sturdy downtown courthouse, and the view to the river from my friend’s front porch. It is still a pin-quiet spot, and I’m grateful for it, and for my friend.