Giggle this

Posted By: Marla Romash on 10/23/11

Dessert should make you smile, giggle even. And if it makes you laugh out loud, then I’m having a good day.

I appreciate the skill and patience of those crafting spun sugar showpieces or sculpting couverture chocolate centerpieces. Their work leaves you in awe, as it should. I’d much rather leave you giggling. Or maybe, it’s that I’d much rather find myself giggling, as I did when the Herman Cain pizza cookie came together. Kudos really go to my friend, Bob Englehart, the editorial cartoonist at The Courant in Hartford, Connecticut. The caricatures of the candidates are his, funny on their own but irresistible to ‘dress up.’  I couldn’t use just any drawings because I’d be violating copyrights and the intellectual property of the artists who created them. I asked Bob to create images just for us and I’m thrilled with what he’s providing. Hope you are too.