TODAY show

Posted By: Marla Romash on 4/4/12

To all those who've called, emailed, posted on FB, everything.. and most of all, supported this crazy adventure, THANK YOU!! "

Democrats Use Cookies to Deliver Talking Points

Posted By: Marla Romash on 11/15/11

There's nothing like icing to get reporters in a good mood.

That was the evident logic behind the cookies seen above, which bore Democratic talking points in blue and white. House Democratic caucus leaders handed them out to reporters at a news conference on Capitol Hill yesterday, delivering their message on the debt limit in sugar. Don't cut benefits to Medicare and Social Security, the cookies and the lawmakers said.

Cookies and Campaigns…

Posted By: Marla Romash on 10/24/11

It was one of those forehead-slapping questions. It came at the end of one of our friendly political debates, with me taking up the cause of the Democrats and Jason and Kevin arguing for the Republicans on the issue du jour. I’d drop off cookies at their supermarket and it would begin. Except this time, it ended with Jason asking, “Why haven’t you ever done anything that combines your cookies and your politics?”

Giggle this

Posted By: Marla Romash on 10/23/11

Dessert should make you smile, giggle even. And if it makes you laugh out loud, then I’m having a good day.

I appreciate the skill and patience of those crafting spun sugar showpieces or sculpting couverture chocolate centerpieces. Their work leaves you in awe, as it should. I’d much rather leave you giggling. Or maybe, it’s that I’d much rather find myself giggling, as I did when the Herman Cain pizza cookie came together. Kudos really go to my friend, Bob Englehart, the editorial cartoonist at The Courant in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Carthage, TN

Posted By: Marla Romash on 10/22/11

The bridge over the Caney Fork River is still so narrow, you want to suck in your stomach going over it, as though that’ll make your car fit better.  They’re replacing the fence around the Gore Farm – the one that belonged to his parents  -- but otherwise this stretch of Carthage, TN looks about the same as it did almost 20 years ago.  That would be when Bill Clinton called Al Gore asking him to be Vice President.   I was there when the call came in to Al Gore’s farm  – not to be confused with the farm his parents owned down the road.  Let me tell  you,  it was very cool and very exciting.